The only day to day drama is the brows. Anytime I open up the package to a new Estee Lauder DARK BRUNETTE Brow Multi-Tasker the moment is similar to Christmas morning at about age eight.

This beauty gadget takes brow art to a new level for women of all ages and all ethnicities — minus the added tools. One end consists of a definer, powder element that springs open in the middle and a spoolie brush on the other end.

“Wow,” exclaimed makeup artist Kyle Ricker when I sat down to let him work his wonder.

When I work with this at home or at work, or in the field I simply flip the instrument around like a baton in my hand until I have the results I need. I tell everyone to practice before they make dinner, or after, and dinner dishes are being put away. This way there is time for error when learning how to use AND… the face is going to be washed anyway before bed. Listen to this — I don’t want to wash the Brow Multi -Tasker off! The va-va-voom feeling is captured with this little creation. Comes in eight shades and sells for under thirty dollars.

By the way… in life (or at least mine) “drama” doesn’t exist. Only the conscious level at which individuals choose to show up in self-awareness.

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