Packing proper fashion for photos with the Eiffel Tour and The Louvre as the backdrop can pose a problem even for the savvy traveler. I pulled this off and as fast as one can say, “Bonjour,” I had a carry-on suitcase and duffel bag loaded with the lux essentials, the number one being — an calf length fur coat.

Here’s what I took to hit The Louvre, Eiffel Tour and a lot of dining centered around Champagne.

In my suitcase I rolled up two workout outfits, two pairs of jeans, lounge clothes, over-the-knee boots, Nikeys, socks, a skirt, panty hose, a dress shirt, a sequined dress, packable poncho and a classic L.L. Bean polo.

Here is the twenty inch TravelPro Platinum Elite from Dillard’s. Priced at over three-hundred dollars, this suitcase can go the distance. Mine is over twelve years old.

In my carry-on weekend bag I rolled up that long, thick fur coat and stuffed the mink on the bottom. Then placed all of my Estee Lauder Cosmetics and hair tools on top.

I don’t travel anywhere without Estee Lauder’s travel size super tiny 45 ML Triple Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover that sells for just ten dollars.

This carry-on Travel-Pro Smart Duffel is oh-so sleek and only about two-hundred dollars.

My iPhone 6-Plus, passport, cash, ID, credit and debit cards went in a cross-body purse.

Something similar to this Vince Camuto design now ON SALE at Dillard’s.

I can sell and ship any of these items to you if you’re planning a trip in the U.S., Florida Keys or abroad. With Everything safely secured, I didn’t have to check any of my belongings with the chance they would be lost, and I’d be lost in Paris without a wardrobe.

I was there for three days. I use the same luggage for two to three weeks trips to the Tropics. Swimwear and sun dresses roll up with ease. I swap out the fur for my beloved Cressi Pluma Pull-Foot Fins from Divers Direct.

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