Ladies love luxury loungewear.

Silk, satin, and spandex are materials designed to relax and recharge in because of the soft composition.

I own one pair of sweatpants. The kind all blogs warn against, the frumpy, old school kind with a drawstring tie at the top and elastic bands at the ankles.

They read “Guard” down the side in white atop of old red fabric.

Though vintage fashion at this juncture, unfit for consumption.

Even though a North Coast Winter was settling in and the Dillard’s loungewear department is loaded with the brand new Ugg Robes, blankets, socks, loungewear and leggings; my soul lies somewhere and anywhere South of Palm Beach.

I went straight for the skily, smooth texture and delicious feel of spandex and choose several of the kimonos by In Bloom by Jonquil.

I wear this one all of the time and was drawn to the black and white design so sleek for time in the city.

The sophisticated layout of the pattern puts me into work mode and the breathability of the fabric is on point for those ten to thirty minutes any woman spends with her hairdryer.

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