GIVEAWAY: MBI Resort Jewelry Collection Captures Island Essence wear love for Lake Erie escapes

Aerial Photos Edmund Gudenas Photos Steven Drescher and Josie Koler “My dad says, ‘you came to the island with me and you went home with your mom’”, Danielle Nawrocki shared sweetly across the indoor bar at Saint Hazards on Middle … Continue reading →

Bowl of BOLD Broccoli Soup va va voom vegetable classic

Sometimes I quit working and the clock typically reads well past eight o’clock. Last night the hands were more past ten… I believe this is due to the evening anchor schedule where the whole crew always ate late.  At our … Continue reading →

My Founders Park Palace for Sale for $.5M for sale after renovations

All pictures by Travis Yednak and my personal iPhone This home is where I first caught on that the universe gives one everything that they need. I left public life in 2012 and at the end of the year rode … Continue reading →

Toes in the Salt city spa amenity in Sandusky

To usher in 2017 I changed into a Spa Kalahari robe and dipped my perfectly pedicured peds, colored in Rouge Rouge, four inches deep into Himalayan salt. The Halotherapy Salt Room at Spa Kalahari in Sandusky is one of three … Continue reading →