Coastal Ohio 2016 Spring Buying Guide every essential for life and love, lush finds along Lake Erie

Time to ditch the Bugaboots for a sea-worthy pair of Sperry Shoes. Or at the very least pack them away in a dark closet with your parka. The snow has melted, the rivers have swelled and everyone will be making a … Continue reading →

Hot Yoga Heats Up HWY 20 Village souls shift for an awakening in sleepy Woodville, Ohio

“In high school I was the girl who couldn’t run a lap around the track. I think people see on Facebook, ‘Oh, Jessie’s going to yoga?’ So many people have said to me, ‘What’s this Yoga in Woodville’, and a couple of … Continue reading →

Outfit for a Winter Adventure … in the Spring Columbia, Nikey and Roxy round out some of the brands

One-half of a foot of snow means grab a snow shovel, even when Easter has ended and the calendar reads “Spring”, and move on outside to clear the way for an adventure! The Coastal Ohio Trail is part of the … Continue reading →

Spring Snowstorm provides Landscape for Fitness Lovers exercise outside with snow shovel and a hike

There isn’t any strategy that thaws out residents in the nation’s Great Lakes Region more than a hot yoga session. Follow-up with a hot shower and sauna session and no one cares where the mercury lands on the thermometer. That … Continue reading →