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I’m Josie. A seasoned show host, on-air talent, lifestyle and fitness model and now designer! My niche is showcasing the hotels, hotel amenities, fashion, fitness, spas and a spoonful. Or shall we say…. a life of luxury — with a twist.  Plus, the all-desirable real estate. In the Florida Keys and on the Coastal Ohio Trail and Lake Erie Islands I am Josie in Paradise.


Josie in Paradise EPISODE III

I just love this Episode if Josie in Paradise and I’m sure you will too. Myself and cameraman, Kim Kindinger, owner of the X5 Network, headed into the gates of North America’s premiere Catawba Cliffs neighborhood. Featured Videographer Theo Dunham … Continue reading →

Fresh Skin for Fall

As soon as Labor Day Weekend wrapped up I declared: I need a facial. With that in universe my colleague, aesthetician and former Chanel repbeauty rep extraordinaire messaged me to please come in and see her. Former Chanel artist and … Continue reading →

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot goes Unsalted

They’re roughhewn, rugged and unrefined. The Fall Fashion item is the new Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot showcasing vintage style. A pair of poorly constructed shoes will derail owners trying to take on the Lake Erie and the Ohio coastline elements. Especially, when there’s an 18-month … Continue reading →

An Appearance for Ohio’s Aqueous Adventures

Pictures by Edmund Gudenas and Matt Anderson “Don’t stand over there,” photographer Ed Gudenas advised in his Nikeys at the onset of the shoot. “There’s water everywhere!” Waves from Lake Erie were splashing up onto the deck of the Miller Boatline … Continue reading →

Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Latte

My last stop at the market sent me looking for all of the ingredients to make my favorite fall foods; sharp white cheddar grilled cheese on sour dough, chili, caramel apples covered in nuts, and ingredients for homemade pumpkin spiced latte. … Continue reading →

Apps Axed

For this past season’s summer luvin’ on lux goods series all photo editing — expelled. I don’t mess with image altering apps at all and there’s a reason why. Number one my photographer has access to all original photos. My … Continue reading →

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